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Natural Single Ingredient Dog Treats Dehydrated 100% Turkey Thigh Meat Size: (4oz)

Natural Single Ingredient Dog Treats Dehydrated 100% Turkey Thigh Meat Size: (4oz)

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Our turkey is locally sourced and USDA certified. It is dehydrated at a low temperature for an extended period of time to preserve all the nutrients your pet needs. Turkey is an excellent source of energy, providing your pet with plenty of quality protein. It is lean, white meat making it a perfect training treat and muscle builder. Turkey is a highly digestible protein source and a great alternative option for pets with food sensitivities and allergies. No preservatives or additives are added just 100% turkey. A healthy treat for pets of all sizes!


Why Choose Charlie's Treats?

• Ingredients: 100% Turkey Thighs
• Natural Single Ingredient Dog Treats
• Never any natural or artificial flavors added
• Only 100% human-grade meat used
• 100% Meat from USA (local farmer sourced)
• Charlie the Dood approved!
• 100% Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

Both our girls absolutely love these products. Their favorite treats!

Shay Londergan

Super high quality from the product, packaging and personal customer service. My dogs hear the bag open and start jumping. That’s a first at 5 years old! Customers for life. ✌🏻

Aubrie Sell Williams

I have been using these as high value treats for my AmStaff mix. She loves them and I love that they are single ingredient!

Jeanette Nathan
No Worries

I purchased Charlie’s Treats for my grand-doggie. My daughter is very careful with Molly’s diet. She gets a tasty snack-she loves the turkey thighs!-and we don’t have to worry about unhealthy treats!

Mark Katzmann

Natural Single Ingredient Dog Treats Dehydrated 100% Turkey Thigh Meat Size: (4oz)


Commonly Asked Questions

Charlie's Treats Natural Dog Treats FAQ

Are Charlie's Natural Treats required to be refrigerated?

No, Charlie's Treats can be stored in a cool & dry place.

We do recommend storing in refrigerator or freezing for extended shelf life.

Are Charlie's Natural Treasts good for all Dog breeds?

Yes, Charlie's Natural Treats are good for all dog sizes and breeds.

Where are Charlie's Natural Treats shipped from?

Charlie's Natural Treats ship from Carteret New Jersey where they are freshly