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Halloween Costume and Décor Dog Safety

We're reading about Halloween Costume and Décor Dog Safety this week by Dr. Jerry Klein, CVO

"The trend of dressing dogs in costume has increased over the years. It is quite simple to find costumes created specifically for pets, however, that does not necessarily ensure their safety. Beads, snaps, buttons, ribbons, elastic and fabric can all be intestinal hazards. Never purchase costumes for pets that have dangling parts or pieces that can be chewed off. In addition, costumes on your pet can result in overheating, impaired vision, and even difficulty breathing if it covers the face or is too restrictive around the pet’s neck or chest. Never leave your dog unattended while he’s wearing clothing or other decorative items. If you decide to dress your dog up this Halloween, be sure to check out these safety tips before making or purchasing any costume for your dog."

Glow Sticks and Glow Jewelry

Glow sticks are a fun Halloween trend and can help keep humans a little safer in the nighttime, but for dogs and cats, these items look like toys. Glow-in-the-dark items are filled with a liquid that if punctured, will leak the glowing content which if ingested, causes mouth pain, irritation, and excessive salivation.

Candles, Flashlights and Battery-Operated Décor

The fact that this holiday is primarily celebrated at night means greater use of candles and battery-operated decorations. Use candles with care. Wagging tails and sniffing noses can land on flames that may result in injury and burns. Keep all battery-operated toys and decor out of reach from curious pets, as they can be chewed or ingested resulting in a visit to the emergency veterinarian clinic.


Even the best-behaved dogs can become skittish or overwhelmed. Know your dog and watch their body language to decide if he’s best tucked away in a crate or a quiet room as opposed to joining the family for Trick-or-Treating, greeting the costumed neighbors or participating in a Halloween party. To prevent your dog from running out, make sure he is under control as you open the door for trick or treaters.

Safety First

Walk your dog while it is still light out, if possible. Your dog may find candy, wrappers, and broken eggs on lawns and streets. Make sure that these tempting treats stay out of reach. Don’t leave your dog unattended outside on Halloween, even if he is behind a fence.

Not only can pranksters target family pets, but all the activity and commotion can increase your dog’s stress levels unnecessarily. Also, well-meaning neighbors may give unwanted treats
to your dog.

We wish you and your pup a happy and safe Halloween! 

Source: https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/vets-corner/halloween-safety-tips-for-dog-owners/  

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